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We all know signage defines retail businesses. One look at your sign and potential customers will make up their minds whether or not they want to come in. Similarly consider what office and lobby signs say about you to your clients, vendors, and employees. Whether you want to give an impression of modern chic or time-tested classic, let Advanced Sign & Banner guide you through bringing your vision to life. Look through our gallery, get some ideas for your vision and then let us guide you to the artistic completion.

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Aluminum and Acrylic Office Lobby Sign 

The Aluminum, Acrylic and foam letters were cut on a CNC router. The foam letters were then painted with the company's colors. Mounting signs in this manner gives dimension and color which is very attractive as an indoor office or lobby sign. Plexi glass is often the substrate of choice for Indoor & outdoor signs because of its durability.


 Building Sign

Danced foam made for outdoor use can be the best & cost-effective material for an outdoor sign.

This sign is cut on a CNC router, primed and painted. This gives the sign the durability to withstand the elements and last for many years even as an outdoor sign. Cutting individual letters on a CNC router gives the sign individuality and dimension that makes it stand out from the rest.

A Sign wall

Display multiple products, acknowledge employees, or sponsors with a wall of smaller signs.

As customers walk into your reception area tell them the story of your company, your employees or your customers with these Plexi-glass signs with second surface prints. These signs are very versatile and can be adapted to any size wall, color, environment.

Elegan Lobby Sign

This sign is made of foam with a plexiglass face. This gives a sign a 3D loo

Office sign made with Acrylic& Foam

Define any office space with elegance and style

Tell customers what department they are visiting with these elegantly designed signs.

Display your Logo

on the Wall

Logos convey a powerful message. display yours proudly with this Plexiglass sign. 

A PVC sign counter cut on a PVC router with A full-Color Digital Print

PVC signs are very versatile and can be cut easily to any shape. Add a full-color print to it and you can convey any message economically.

Foam Letters on Clear Plexi Glass

The clear Plexi glass and the foam letters were cut on a CNC router. The foam letters were then painted with  the company's colors and glued to the clear Plexi glass. Mounting signs in this manner gives dimension and color which is very attractive as indoor office or lobby sign. This particular sign was made as a booth sign in a trade show. Plexi is often the substrate of choice for outdoor signs as well because of its durability.

Indoor Church Sign

This multi-color and multi-dimension sign was cut on CNC router on foam in several separate pieces and finished with digitally printed vinyl. The various dimensions were put together to create the image per the clients vision. The combination of full-color prints with any substrate creates a very powerful message for your store or business

Custom made A-frame sign

A-frame signs are very popular with restaurants or any businesses with some sidewalk space. There are several standard A-frame sizes available to be customized with the clients vision. This particular A-frame is larger than the standard sizes available and was constructed to the clients's specification

Indoor Mall Store Sign

This retro-chic sign for an up-scale clothing retailer in Arizona is made with an aluminum face and foam backing. This sign was designed keeping in mind the ambiance of the store and the young clientele it serves. Talk to our sign specialist to custom design a sign for your specific needs

Gemini Formed Letters and Logos

This exterior building sign is made from Gemini Formed letters. Gemini offers plastic, metals and illuminated signs through sign professionals. The letters and logos can be ordered in various colors and sizes. These indoor or outdoor letters are extremely durable even in the harshest conditions..

Real Estate Sign

Real Estate Signs can be made in any size and on many different materials. Aluminum for Sale signs are the most commonly used, along with A-frames. Larger wood signs are used for high end listings or when multiple units are on sale generally in a newer development. Our sign professional can help you determine just the right size for your listing.

Plexi cut letters on back-lit Plexi face

This is an indoor mall sign. Each letter was individually cut and glued on the face of the sign box. Elegant sign custom made to go with the store colors and ambiance

Law Office Sign

 Office lobby sign for a Law Office. The logo and the individual letters were cut individually and mounted on the office lobby wall. 

Wood Sign with  foam Cut letters

This is and indoor mall sign cut on foam, painted and mounted on a wooden background. The colors and the style of the sign was made to match the decor of the company as well as the mall it was installed in.

Out Door Wood Sign

Wood signs are a classic way to display your business. Wood signs represent stability and old fashioned values. This sign was carved on a CNC Router and  hand painted. 

Digitally Printed Stretched Canvas

Decorate your wall with art. Display the your many products and offerings in a collage for your customers to browse. Make it for your home office or let it be part of the interior decor of all your stores. Stretched canvas displays are very versatile as any image can be displayed in vibrant colors

Wall Art

Modern, cheap and effective. Wall art can cover a small part of your wall or span you entire wall. Wall art is used not  just to advertise a business, but is also used to personalize living spaces, nurseries, and more. Have a favorite quote? Display it with pride on any wall at home or business

Digitally Printed

Stretched Canvas

Display your products graphically or portray an image of your brand by framing it on canvas. Our canvas prints are printed on a state of the art digital printer to ensure bright and sharp images. Bring you own artwork or work with our graphic artist to create an image that is right for your business

Logo Cut on Plexiglass

Indoor lobby sign cut on clear Plexi-glass and painted with the client logo colors. This sign was painted from the back to retain the plexi-glass finish and shine

Plexi Sign With Stand-off

Stand off's are a very easy way to get some distance from the wall and create some dimension on an otherwise flat sign. This sign was done on a clear material to blend with the wall color. Stand off's were used to mount the sign and create dimension

Church Sign- Changeable letters

This kind of traditional sign is very popular with churches, schools, colleges, and other offices that have to change their message based on the latest events, prices or sponsor messages. 

Auto Dealership Sign

This is a tall lighted sign box with an acrylic face, digitally printed to convey the dealerships message. This type of sign requires an existing box with electrical connections, lights and ballasts.

Apartment complex Sign

Wood sign with full color digital printing. You can display your logo or message in vivid colors indoor or outdoor. 




Full-color digital printing on vinyl mounted on both side of the A-Frame

Plexi Glass individually cut letters

Another example of how a CNC router can cut an individual letter or logos to form a sophisticated sign. These letters can be mounted straight on the wall, on any other background. Plexiglass comes in many colors and thicknesses to create the look you desire

Office Building Sign

Mounted on the exterior wall this Aluminum sign is classic store fronts in strip malls and single standing office buildings. These are also very popular as lobby signs in larger offices

Laser Engraved LED Signs

This sign has a very modern look. This has a Colored Acrylic backing with engraved clear Plexi-glass. The Stand-offs have LED Center that diffuses light over the entire sign.  The acrylic backing comes in many colors and the led lights come in blue, red, green and white.